Aquaman Update: Black Manta Announcement Teased In Tweet, Details Here

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Aquaman Update: Black Manta Announcement Teased In Tweet, Details Here PHOTOGRAPH: Aquaman Official Facebook Page |

The casting for Black Manta for Aquaman might be coming within 8 weeks if a post from a DCEU insider is to go by. An anonymous person behind the Twitter handler Aquaman Shrine claimed to have the knowledge about the matter. His post gained traction from comic book movie lovers as well as to those anticipating the film.

Aquaman director, James Wan, recently posted a photo showing the main cast reading the script. Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson and Amber Heard were part of the said reading with Wan. However, fans must note that there are more cast members that haven’t been publicly revealed yet.

The actor playing as Black Manta for Aquaman is yet to be announced. An earlier report by The Wrap confirmed that the character is included in the movie. DCEU officials such as James Wan, however, did not acknowledge the veracity of the said report.

Fans have been expecting the announcements since last year. While details about Black Manta are being kept under wraps, James Wan surprisingly announced Patrick Wilson as King Orm for Aquaman. The actor will be one of the villains in the Atlantian movie.

Black Manta Announcement To Be Revealed Soon

Since his reveal, Black Manta announcement was expected to be the next on list. Fortunately, it looks like the news is just weeks away from release.

A fan recently asked Aquaman Shrine about the announcement of Black Manta. The insider revealed that fans can expect the reveal within “8 weeks”. Since then, the tweet has gained traction on social media and has been a major discussion on Reddit.

Surprisingly, Aquaman Shrine has deleted the tweet. Fortunately, Daily Disruption saw a Reddit thread discussing the tweet. Fans can be part of the discussion here.

In another tweet, Shrine revealed that he recently had a chat with the COO of DC Comics. “Waking up to a DM from Geoff Johns is always a good way to start the day!” he wrote.

Aquaman Shrine Trusted By Fans And Followed By Geoff Johns

In the past, Shrine has shared various scoops with fans. Furthermore, the account was considered credible when Geoff Johns began following it. Fans following Shrine genuinely believe his reports as well.

Aquaman is slated for release in 2018. The movie’s release date was pushed back by a few months. However, the production schedule seems to be on track unlike The Batman.

Aquaman, Mera and Nuidis Vulko will be appearing in Justice League as well. The movie is set to release on November 17. Fans can expect to see Aquaman in action in upcoming trailer #2.



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