Apple vs Netflix Rivalry Brewing as Cupertino-based Company Might Make Original TV Shows, Movies

Apple vs Netflix Rivalry Brewing as Cupertino-based Company Might Make Original TV Shows, Movies PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Shardayy |

Apple is set to make its way into the field of original video content. The company is looking at revenue streams to see how the video industry would greatly boost its platform.

Apple is set on a collision course with Netflix

Apple has always been competing with fellow tech giants like Samsung and Sony. However, the company’s latest push into the video content industry will set its course to collide with Netflix and Amazon.

Both Amazon and Netflix are giants when it comes to video content. Amazon has a broader platform, while Netflix focuses on movies and TV shows. This makes Netflix the top player in the industry. With the latest advent by Apple, Netflix may find a tough competitor.

The California-based company plans to bundle original video content together with Apple Music’s subscription service. Reportedly, the service could possibly be released to the public by the end of 2017.

The company is apparently talking to Hollywood producers to create original TV shows and movies. It showed interest in original video content when it bought the “Carpool Karaoke” series starring James Corden.

Apple zooms in on Spotify

Apple is yet to comment on the reports. For now, it seems like it does not want to compete with the likes of HBO and Netflix.

The Verge reported that Apple’s decision is a strategy to be a step ahead of Spotify. Apple Music and Spotify are both at war when it comes to offering music to the public. Perhaps Apple saw TV shows as a platform to give it an edge. Basically, Apple does not want to start a huge video platform, but rather make its existing music service stronger.

Forbes reported that Apple is under pressure to find new sources of revenue for the company. As most people know, iPhone 6s sales were not impressive and did not meet the company’s expectations.

For the first time since 2009, the company released its sales, which revealed a huge revenue decline for the company. Even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook reduced his pay due to the problem they are facing. Moving to the video content industry is risky, but its success will be measured once they roll out the new service.

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