Apple iPhone SE May Come Cheaper

Apple iPhone SE May Come Cheaper PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Andri Koolme |

Apple has a secret iPhone SE project that is set to begin in March according to sources with knowledge of the matter. The company is reportedly looking to assemble thousands of iPhone SE units in India. If this report is true, the already affordable iPhone SE may actually come cheaper than its previous price.

This is the age of the budget smartphones. In fact, budget to mid range smartphones gave the premium phones a run for their money. Not only is the price right but the phones also have a number of great features as well.

A New Market and Place of Assembly for the iPhone SE

According to Reuters, Apple will start assembling the iPhone SE in India starting March. People with knowledge of the matter told Reuters that the assembly will take place in a facility in the southern Indian technology hub of Bengalaru. This information matched an earlier report saying that Wistron Corp is also building a facility in the same region. Wistron Corp is Apple’s manufacturer in Taiwan. Furthermore, the sources told Reuters that Apple is looking into producing 300,000 to 400,000 iPhone SE in the new facility in India.

The company is also said to be looking into India’s growing mobile market, hence the decision to begin assembly of iPhone SE in the country. There were only 2.5 million iPhones sold within the country. Most Indian phone owners usually goes for cheaper Android handsets. So launching the iPhone SE in the country could mean a rise in sales and reduce over all costs. India, after all, is the world’s fastest growing major market according to Reuters.

A Refresh for the iPhone SE?

A separate report from Forbes meanwhile said that there will actually be an actual iPhone SE release happening in March. The iPhone SE was after all released in March last year. While the iPhone SE 2016 model followed the smaller iPhone 5 and 5s design at the time, the product to be release in March 2017 will undergo “refresh.”

The iPhone SE 2017 will reportedly get a surprise refresh as many iPhones have underwent before. There are speculations that more storage will be available. There are also some speculations that Apple may go larger with a 128GB internal memory for the refresh.

To read the report from Reuters click here. Read the full report from Forbes.


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