Apple March Event: Red iPhone 7, iPad Pro 2 Coming Next Month

Apple March Event: Red iPhone 7, iPad Pro 2 Coming Next Month PHOTOGRAPH: FirmBee | Under Public Domain

Apple has reportedly planned to release its most awaited products in March. Apart from the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 refresh, there are reportedly more things coming. There is strong chatter about an upcoming red iPhone 7, iPad Pro 2 and the iPhone SE.

Apple March Event Will See Exciting Product Launch

According to Apple Insider, 2017 is a busy year for Apple. The company is unveiling a higher internal storage capacity iPhone SE, and updated iPhone7 phones and iPads. This will reportedly be taking place at an iPad Pro-focused event in March.

The event will be headlined by the three new iPads. The 10.5-inch model is the rumored new flagship design. Plus the 2017 iPad Pro 2 will come in the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inches. Those who prefer a much smaller size will have to wait for the budget iPad. This budget-friendly product is sized at 9.7-inches, as noted by MacRumors. There are reports it could potentially replace the low-end tablets in Apple. This contradicted another report that a 7.9-inch iPad mini would be introduced. However, this is highly unlikely as the iPad mini has not seen an update since 2015.

A red iPhone 7 may also be released. This is not new to Apple as it had a red series before. There are speculations it may be released before the anticipated refresh in order to boost sales. On the other hand, some reports noted the red iPhone 7 might already have the anticipated refresh.

Expect More Surprise Products for Apple March Event

Lastly, the budget iPhone SE will be making a comeback as well. The small phone was launched in March 2016 and packed a punch with its iPhone 6 specifications. There were rumors that a 128GB variation of the iPhone SE would be released. Unfortunately, if the internal storage is increased, the features of the phone would have to remain the same.There are reportedly plans for Apple to add 3D Touch on the Phone. This needs a higher chip processor and increasing storage would affect that. It would have to be one or the other in order to keep the phone functional and at a budget price.

To read the full report from Apple Insider click here. Read the full report from MacRumors here.


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