Apple iPhone 8 With Facial Recognition Feature May Become The Most Expensive iPhone To Date

Apple iPhone 8 With Facial Recognition Feature May Become The Most Expensive iPhone To Date PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Jan Williem-Reusink |

The iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2017. There are a lot of Apple fans who are not very happy with what the iPhone 7 has to offer. So many are looking forward to the changes and upgrades the next model will have.

The smartphone industry is very competitive thanks to the new technology available. Not only have these mobile phone surpassed its texting and calling purposes. It has become a multi-functional gadget that has become a necessity for many.

Apple iPhone 8 Price Got Higher

While the iPhone 7 was just released last year, there are already inquiries about the next model. Leaks and rumors are all people can rely on right now, as the company has not officially announced anything. However, one thing for sure is that, based on the leaks, it will be the most expensive iPhone to date.

According to Forbes, the Face Detection feature will be the one piece of tech that will raise the retail price. The home button will reportedly be ditched entirely and Face Detection will replace the TouchID. In fact, the PrimeSense motion capture firm was acquired in 2013 by Apple to work on it.

Mac Rumors noted that the system will basically be able to recognize faces in general. However, Apple said they were developing a new front-facing camera system that will have fully-featured 3D sensing capabilities. This new camera will also be fueled by PrimeSense algorithms.

Other features that are rumored to make the phone is an OLED screen and smaller bezels. There were rumors of a curved screen, but it doesn’t seem likely as it tends to damage easily. The bigger screen will allow the phone to sport a 5.8-inch display and a smaller 5.5 inch display.

More Features for Apple iPhone 8 To Come

In addition, there is also a wireless charging feature, and a 3D Touch pressure sensitive sensor as well. Given that the home button is now gone, Apple will reportedly add something called a function area at the bottom of the screen. This will replace the home button and keep the display seamless in design.

There is no release date set for the iPhone 8, however there are speculations it may be in Q3 of 2017. This is based on the consistent schedules of the previously released iPhones. This is the first time that Apple will be deviating from their usual chassis and design since the iPhone 6 three years ago.


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