Apple iPhone 8 Is Set To Disappoint

Apple iPhone 8 Is Set To Disappoint PHOTOGRAPH: Informed Mag Website |

The Apple iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017. In fact, there are already a lot of speculations on what its features and design will be. However, the latest reports said that the upcoming smartphone model is actually a big disappointment.

When Steve Jobs released the first smartphone over a decade ago, the world was excited with the new technology. Every new model they put out there after had something new to offer its consumers. However, the features began to plateau and there isn’t a big change made to the smartphones.

Something New for the Apple iPhone 8

One of the biggest rumors going around is that Apple will be changing their screen for the Apple iPhone 8. The company is looking into the flexible OLED display to make a curved screen. In fact the speculation is a 5.15-inch AMOLED screen that comes with 2K resolution.

According to Apple Insider, Apple may be ditching the curved glass idea entirely even if there were rumors that the company signed a $4.3 billion deal to buy OLED panels from Samsung. Apple reportedly wants to drop the curved glass because it is failing drop-test results and suffers in terms of production yields.

Instead, the Apple iPhone 8 will be using the same 2.5D glass found on devices like the iPhone 7. It will be flat, like the previous models, but will have rounded edges. Plus, there are rumors that the physical home button will be dropped completely.

This is meant to make the front of the screen look much bigger and more compact. It seems like an ongoing trend to go smaller, as the new model may go for smaller bezels. Without the home button for the Touch ID, the new feature to be used would be the 3D facial recognition technology.

Will Apple iPhone 8 be Better than Before?

According to Forbes, there are hopes that the iPhone 8 will be a bigger financial success. This is because of all the technological advances and features being added to the phone. It is meant to be the serious competitor to all premium smartphones being released this year.

Apple fans are expecting an increase in base storage and probably wireless charging. However, the main focus is definitely put on the OLED screen. This is the first time that Apple will be going this route as compared to Android Phones that have had it for the longest time.

There may be changes made to the features on the new iPhone, and all the reports are based on leaks and speculations. The date when the new models will be released is rumored to be in March. Apple will be announcing their new line of iPads and hopefully some news on the new iPhones as well.


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