Antarctica Pyramid Could Be A Proof of Ancient Civilization in the Continent, Archaeologist Says

Antarctica Pyramid Could Be A Proof of Ancient Civilization in the Continent, Archaeologist Says Antartica from Victor/Flickr with CC BY 2.0.

There are a lot of mysteries around the world but the Antarctica pyramid is one that is causing debate.

The earth has been around for thousands of years and yet there is still more and more things to discover. Archaeologists, and scientists are always on the search for more information. This is because there might be more to what we know about our history on this planet.

Even with numerous documentaries and studies, the world still has a lot of secrets. Now that technology has progressed, there are more opportunities to learn more about the world.

The Theory Of The Ancient Civilization

The latest discovery is the Antarctica pyramid that was discovered back in 1818. The speculations of an ancient civilization living in the area in the past did not arise until recently.

Scientists initially thought that that it was a sastrugi. This is a natural phenomenon where the rock gets formed into a distinctive shape based on wind direction. However, the pyramid that was discovered was poking out of the snow in a triangular and symmetrical shape. This was definitely something out of the ordinary.

According to Express UK, leading archaeologist Ashoka Tripathi, from the Department of Archeology at the Univeristy of Alcutta, has a theory. He believes that the images of the pyramid is clear evidence of an ancient human settlement. Also, there could be more to discover under the snow and ice.

He noted that the structure is clearly features of something made by humans. It also has nothing that would occur naturally in geomorphological formations. What the structure shows is human engineering and advance skills.

This has made people start wondering what is under all the ice, considering this is only one site. There may be more undiscovered sites under the snow and ice. Anyway, this would not be the first time history under estimated the past human settlements.

What Science Tells Us

On the other hand, science explains that the Internet famous Antarctica pyramid is nothing but the result of erosion. According to Live Science, University of California professor Eric Rignot believes its nothing but a mountain. The mountain is not tall by planetary standards, but it is still considered so.

Based on the theory of Environmental Science professor Mauri Pelto, freeze-thaw erosion could be the reason behind its unique shape. This phenomenon happens when the water or snow fills up the cracks within a mountain during the day. At night, the snow freezes and expands when temperatures drop.

The expanding ice is what causes the cracks to grow. This can then cause entire rock sections to break off and create a pyramidal mountain. An example of this is the Matterhorn in the Alps.

While the scientists believe the ancient civilization theory is nothing more than just a conspiracy, nothing can be for certain until research at the site takes place.


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