Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth, Wife Aleksandra: Facts About Billionaire Who now Owns World’s Most Futuristic Yacht

Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth, Wife Aleksandra: Facts About Billionaire Who now Owns World’s Most Futuristic Yacht Under Public Domain

The ‘most futuristic’ super yacht, named Sailing Yacht A is owned by billionaire industrialist, Andrey Melnichenko. He ranks 139th in the Forbes World’s billionaires list 2016. He and his family enjoy a lavish lifestyle and are frequently seen hanging out with some of the most famous celebrities.

Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth

Andrey Melnichenko was born in Moscow, Russia. He has a Bachelor of Arts/ Science degree from Plekhanov Russian Academy. And his net worth stands at $11.6 billion, thanks to his commercial success in business like coal, fertilizer, power and banking, reported Forbes.

Melnichenko owns most of the shares of companies like coal producer SUEK, and power generator SGK. His first investment was back in 1990, in a chain of currency-exchange booths. Ever since, he has co-founded businesses such as Eurochem, SUEK, and pipe exporter TMK. In 2012, he split from his business partner and former metals trader from Ural, Sergei Popov. As a result, they ended up dividing their joint assets.

Andrey Melnichenko Wife

Melnichenko is married to Serbian model Aleksandra Nikolic. She worked for fashion houses in Paris, Milan and London and also was part of girl band Models. She can speak languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Serbian and Russian.

Sailing Yacht A

Melnichenko purchased the yacht for $400 million back in 2015. It cost designer Philippe Starck a whopping £360 million to build the titanic Sailing Yacht A, reported The Telegraph. The yacht was manufactured in Kiel, Germany. It will be moved to Andrey Melnichenko’s possession by the end of the year. It is currently being tested in the waters of Elsinore in Denmark and is headed towards southern Spain.

“Born from the desire of the owner to push the boundaries of engineering and challenge the status quo of the industry, Sailing Yacht A is undoubtedly one of the most visionary projects Nobiskrug has ever been involved in,” said Holger Kahl, managing director of Nobiskrug, the shipyard where Sailing Yacht A was made. It is a 468-foot long vessel with twin 4,827hp MTU diesel engines. It has a top speed of 21 knots with a range of 5,320 nautical miles.

Furthermore, this is not the first luxury yacht that Andrey Melnichenko has purchased. He previously owned Motor Yacht A, a superyacht which was worth £225 million. Some impressive features of the yacht are a bomb proof cabin, rotating bed and three swimming pools, reported The Sun. However, it has been put up for sale in the market ever since its owner purchased the Sailing Yacht A, which puts Motor Yacht A to shame. Finally, anyone interested in buying it would have to be ready to pay a price of $300 million.


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