An American Is Queen Elizabeth’s Heir to the Throne, According to Newspaper Ad

An American Is Queen Elizabeth’s Heir to the Throne, According to Newspaper Ad PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Michael Gwyther-Jones | Under CC BY 2.0

A man from the United States could possibly be Queen Elizabeth’s heir to the throne. Allan V. Evans of Colorado took a huge ad space in The Times of London paper, claiming that he is the rightful king of England. Moreover, he claims that he is a descendant of the royal Welsh line, originating from the third century. The ad stated that Evans is ‘a direct descendant of an unbroken primogeniture line legally documented since the third century in Great Britain and registered in the Royal College of Arms.’

American claims to be Queen Elizabeth’s heir

Evans’ ad goes on and described the generations of his lineage. He claims that his ancestral links connect him to Cunedda Wledig, the founder of the Kingdom of Wales. Wledig is an early Walsh leader at the fifth century. Legend says that Wledig was sent to the region to hinder the incursions of the Pict and Irish. Allegedly, Evans is also a descendant of John Evans Sr of Averfraw Parish, Anglesey. The ad mentioned that John Evans Sr was politically assassinated and was the last known King of Wales.

Aside from explaining his lineage, Evans is also giving a legal notice to his relatives. Within 30 days, he plans to claim the ‘royal historic estate’ including the land, assets, and titles. Evans is not a heartless ‘monarch’ since he stated that he will not claim the right to the throne until the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

‘King Allan’ will not depose Queen Elizabeth II from her throne until her death

The ad stated that he will pursue an injustice in history by claiming the right to the throne and the sovereign crown of Great Britain. Still, he will not depose Queen Elizabeth II out of his great and deep respect for her service and selfless sacrifice, as well as her husband.

The ad also stated that the Welshman, Scots, Manx and all Britons must take heed and rejoice. Evans stated that he will promulgate the light of freedom and egalitarianism. He will also promote democracy and its values.

The ad continued to say that the ‘Lady Britania’ contributed to the culture and history of the world. The ad added that Britain shall be made great once again. He also stated that the men of the West are now returning, “Now is the time of the return of the King.”

It is not the first time that Evans made an outrageous claim. In 2012, a man called Allan Evans from Colorado attempted to claim 400 acres of land in Georgia’s Twiggs County. He claimed that his ancestors lived in the land. However, the lawyers dismissed his claim since he has no legal evidence to prove is ownership. Evans stated that a fire in the county courthouse in 1901 destroyed the evidence.

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