America’s Got Talent Season 12: Tyra Banks Replaces Nick Cannon

America’s Got Talent Season 12: Tyra Banks Replaces Nick Cannon PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram/TyraBanks |

America’s Got Talent Season 12 just got Tyra Banks to replace Nick Cannon. This news comes as a shock to those who have been watching the series for a long time. However, he made a mistake on the show and was severely punished for it.

The entertainment business is a dog eat dog world where finding replacements are easy many celebrities have gotten themselves involved in scandals and many careers were ruined because of this. Thanks to the Internet, television, and the quick work of reporters, the scandals blow up to gigantic proportions.

America’s Got Talent Season 12: New Host, New Season

According to Entertainment Tonight, the seasoned TV personality and former Victoria’s Secret angel Tyra Banks signed on to hose the show. She’ll be the new addition on the upcoming 12th season of the NBC reality competition show. The president of NBC’s Entertainments Alternative and Reality Group, Paul Telegdy, announced the news on Sunday.

He stated that Tyra is the complete package and has always connected with audiences around the world. Although some do not believe that Cannon’s been replaced, the show’s official Instagram confirmed it. They posted an image of the supermodel with the caption “America, strike a pose. #AGT has a brand new host! Welcome to the fam @tyrabanks!”

Lastly, Tyra definitely has a lot of experience to back her up. She hosted her own show, The Tyra Banks Show, and America’s Next Top Model on multiple seasons. No doubt she will be bringing her personality and energy to the already popular reality show.

America’s Got Talent Season 12: The Difficult Decision

According to Hollywood Reporter, Nick Cannon took his leave from the show. He made a racial joke in a recent Showtime stand up special. According to Hollywood Reporter, he was expressing himself with freedom of speech. In particular, he joked about America’s Got Talent and used the word n****r multiple times.

He decided to quit the show after the executives at the network threatened to fire him for it. He was notified by the show’s team and noted it was a breach of his contract. Cannon then had to make the difficult decision to leave as he did not want to be controlled like a property and lost his voice for his community according to him.

Despite his leave, he did wish the show the best in its upcoming America’s Got Talent Season 12. Unfortunately, NBC did not respond to the requests to comment on what happened. Season 12 of America’s Got Talent just rounded up the auditions last month, the show is set to air in a few months.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Tonight

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