Americans to Go Back to Moon Under Donald Trump Administration

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Americans to Go Back to Moon Under Donald Trump Administration PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/NASA James B. Irwin | Under Public Domain Dedication

President Donald Trump seemingly wants to bring back American to the moon. In a statement he made during his Congress speech, he stated that the American footprints on distant worlds are not a far-off dream. Now, that he holds the controls in NASA’s space missions, the president would like to want Americans to set foot on the moon under his administration.

Donald Trump wants to recreate his own ‘Kennedy moment’

Trump showed a great interest in the upcoming space missions of NASA. Reports suggested that he requested NASA to take Americans back to the moon once again. It has been 50 years ever since the Apollo 11 mission brought a man to the moon. It seems like the president would like to recreate the glorious moment in the newest NASA project.

NASA is building a new jumbo rocket, dubbed as the Space Launch System or SLS. The SLS is a heavy expendable launch vehicle derived from a Space Shuttle. The project follows the cancellation of the Constellation program. The SLS is also set to replace the retired Space Shuttle.

Trump is now in charge of the space program which means that he can direct the course of the space mission plans. The mogul showed appreciation in former President John F. Kennedy’s vow to have American astronauts on the moon before the 1960s ended. With this kind of aspiration, experts and critics alike expect Trump to recreate his own ‘Kennedy moment.’

Barack Obama canceled George W. Bush’s space program due to its high budget needs

In retrospect, former President George W. Bush wanted the U.S. to go back to the moon by 2020. However, Trump’s predecessor, former President Barack Obama killed the program. Upon taking office, Obama declared that the Constellation program had an ‘over budget, behind schedule and lacked innovation. Obama’s team reviewed that the cost would be around $150 billion. The former president said that a return to the moon or a manned flight to Mars was too big for NASA’s budget.

With Republicans back in control of the Congress and the White House, Americans’ return to the moon might be possible. Private sector companies are enthusiastic about the idea of a future space exploration.
In addition, some of Trump’s advisers worked on the Constellation program which George W. Bush conceived.

Even though Trump himself has said little about the subject, his close circle and some former NASA officials have made clear their interest in returning to the Moon by way of partnerships with the private sector. Despite the advancement, critics claim that by focusing on a space exploration, it would sacrifice a huge budget for the country which can solve some of the pressing issues today.

Animation depicting the launch of the Space Launch System Scale and Power


Source:, Chicago Tribune

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