American Crime Season 3: Plot, Location And Things To Expect

American Crime Season 3: Plot, Location And Things To Expect PHOTOGRAPH: American Crime |

American Crime season 3 has some major changes and audiences are a little confused by it. The American anthology crime drama already has two seasons done, but the drama just keeps coming. The third season will premiere in a couple of days but fans are already speculating what will happen.

There are a lot of different dramas on television and they cover many different real and fictional worlds. However, the few that do cover controversial narratives are the ones that gets special attention. Not only are they rare, but also because they strike a chord with many viewers who can relate to the struggles.

The latest season hasn’t aired yet, but there is already some talk about it. A sneak peek at the latest episode revealed a group of Mexican men trying to climb through a hole in a wall. This wall is what separates Mexico from the United States. While this is in line with the latest news in the real world, the men aren’t going to stay in familiar territory.

American Crime Season 3: A New Setting

Luis Salazar, played by Benito Martinez, says that they’re headed to “Carolina Del Norte.” This isn’t an unusual place for immigrants to land as it is already known for immigrants who pick crops and on cheap furniture supply. There will even be a storyline on rescuing victims of the sex trade.

These seem like stories just made for television, but it is all very real. In fact, there were over 181 cases of human trafficking in North Carolina.

American Crime Executive Producer Michael J. McDonald has a good reason for going this route. He is interested in the New South that is now educated but has a past full of racial tension. At present there are Hispanic populations growing in North Carolina and Georgia. This is something new, as a story set in California would be something that’s already been done.

American Crime Season 3: Returning Cast

In other news, the season will definitely have a lot of its talented cast on the show. Felicity Huffman, Lili Taylor, and Connor Jessup will be returning to the series. Benito Martinez, who appeared in both previous seasons will also join. He’ll play a man who is searching for his missing son.

A new state and new stories is what fans can expect from American Crime season 3. It is a promising series that will aim to be better than the previous season. Fans can tune in on its premiere episode on Sunday night at 9pm on ABC 7.


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