AMD Ryzen CPU Specs and Possible Price Revealed, 6-Core Variant Won’t Arrive

AMD Ryzen CPU Specs and Possible Price Revealed, 6-Core Variant Won’t Arrive PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Cosmic73 | Under CC BY-SA 4.0

The AMD Ryzen CPU processors will come in a matter of weeks. The new processors will be available for desktop PCs, laptop computers and servers. However, there are issues about the supposed release of the 6-core variant.

In the previous months, AMD restricted the information for the upcoming Zen-based processors. The information leaks came even before the New Horizon event. Unfortunately, the company kept the details private. Nonetheless, the preview for the AMD Ryzen processors sufficed the concerns of potential consumers. With the recent update and details provided, AMD consumers will somehow have an insight on the processors.

AMD Will Compete Against Intel

It was reported recently that AMD will have similar item branding method that of Intel, involving three tiers. The tier will come with the current upgrade. The upgrades included an extra 4th version apart from the Summit Ridge 7, Summit Ridge 5 and Summit Ridge 3.

Consumers who waited for the new Ryzen CPU would need to add the SR7 Black Edition. The Ryzen CPU line-up provided flexibility to consumers to avoid the prospective danger to the market dominance of Intel. With more CPU versions, AMD will also have a higher utility on the price points of its Ryzen processors.

AMD Ryzen CPU Processors’ Price Points

WCCF Tech reported that the AMD’s SR3 variant, a so-called Intel Core i3 equivalent, will be sold for just $149. The SR5 and SR7 will be within the $250 to $350 cost point. Meanwhile, the SR7 Black Edition’s price will be around $500.

With regards to the release date, AMD will release the two SR7 versions ahead of the SR5 and SR3 variations. The SR7 will have the release on January, while the SR5 and SR3 will have a March release date. The information about the release dates must be taken with a grain of salt since AMD has yet to verify the information.

One of the updates related to one of AMD Ryzen’s specs has actually been clarified. AMD Ryzen will overclock to 5GHz on air on all cores. Current updates exposed that the 5GHz CPU overclock was for single-core processors.

PC Gamer stated that AMD will offset its absence of a 6-core offering by including an 8-core chip that lacked SMT. This mean that AMD will offer processors in direct competition with Intel. As of the moment, Intel has Core i3 with 2-core/4-thread, Core i5 with 4-core/4-thread, and i7 with 4-core/8-thread. AMD will offer twice the number of cores/threads that Intel offered. Assuming the rumored labels are appropriate, it would mean that Ryzen will offer Ryzen SR3 with 4C/8T, SR5 with 8C/8T, and SR7 with 8C/16T.

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