Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Wore A Huge Robot Mecha Suit on the MARS 2017

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Wore A Huge Robot Mecha Suit on the MARS 2017 PHOTOGRAPH: Jeff Bezos Twitter |

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, and CEO is embracing the future. Bezos arrived at a conference on a giant robot mecha suit. He even tweeted a picture of himself inside a 13-feet tall Method-2 robot last March 19 during Amazon’s invite-only conference MARS 2017. The annual gathering’s participants are thought-leaders in machine learning, home automation, robotics, and space exploration.

Mars, Amazon’s private conference, which is an acronym for Machine learning, home Automation, Robotics and Space exploration. Instead of showing up in a business style suit, Bezos decided to suit up with something a bit more comfortable. The Amazon CEO walked into the stage on a tall robot which the Korean company, Hankook Mirae Technology designed.

The Method-2 robot is a giant human-controlled bipedal robot. It is a robot that looks something out of a sci-fi anime like Gundam or Hollywood film Pacific Rim. The company developed the robot in a laboratory near Seoul. Hankook Mirae’s engineers and Vitaly Bulgarov collaborated to create the robot. Bulgarov designed some famous Hollywood robot creations in various blockbuster films. Some of his works included Terminator, Ghost in the Shell, RoboCop and Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.

The robot weighed around 1.6 tons. The Korean company made the robot from heavy-duty metal that ensures the robot’s strength. Moreover, it can withstand some environments that can be hostile to humans. Humans can even use it on going through some heavy demilitarized zones in hostile territories.

The Method-2 garnered media attention in December 2016. The frenzy started after Bulgakov shared a video of the robot on his Facebook page. However, only a few technical details were released. After the video surfaced, the company stated that the robot is still unstable on its feet and will need a lot of work. The makers of the robot said that they have to improve the robot’s internal balance and power systems.

The robot mecha suit can pave the way for a new type of fighting sport

This is evident as the photos and video of Bezos showed that the Method-2 robot remained stationary. Steel chains, connected to the ceiling, secured the robot in place. Hankook Mirae stated that the robot will ready for sale before 2017 ends. The retail price would be at $8.3 million. The Method-2 is way more expensive than the Kuratas, a 12.5-feet robot that weighs five tons with top speed 10 kph. Japanese inventor Kogoro Kurata created the Kuratas robot, which costs at $1 million. The U.S. also have a giant, human-pilot mech called MegaBots Mark 2. The MegaBots is an invention which proceeded with Kickstarter funds. It stands 15-feet tall, weighs six tons with a top speed of 193 kph.

If Method-2 will be able to live up to its potential, it can be a competition against Japan’s Kuratas and U.S.’ MegaBots. Additionally, these robot creators hope to create a new fighting sport with the use of robot mega suits.

Source: Gizmodo, CNN

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