Alleged Tyler Posey Raunchy Leaked Video Is Going Viral

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Alleged Tyler Posey Raunchy Leaked Video Is Going Viral PHOTOGRAPH: Gage Skidmore / Flickr |

A new alleged Tyler Posey nude video leak has been spreading like wildfire on the internet on Tuesday. The graphic video showed the Teen Wolf star ‘playing’ with himself. An unidentified person was suspected to be behind the leak.

Birthday Suit

The Tyler Posey video has been the latest leaked scandal to make it online. It showed the Teen Wolf star in a very compromising situation. The graphic footage showed him “cuffing the carrot.”

People who got hold of the video continued to share it on Twitter as of press time. Daily Disruption decided not to post the graphic video because it can be offensive to some and goes against Daily Disruption’s editorial practice.

According to Hollywood Life, he wasn’t the only one to get hacked. Previously Cody Christian, also from the Teen Wolf cast, got hacked and had his nudes posted online. Now it was Tyler’s turn and his nude photos and video are going viral on the Internet.

While there are many who celebrated the leak, his loyal fans were not happy about it. In fact, his supporters immediately went to Twitter to show their support to the actor by tweeting #WeRespectYouTyler. No doubt the fans were aware of this violation of privacy and were voicing out their support to the distressed actor.

Though there were many who have seen the pictures and the video clip, other people haven’t seen it at all. Some were commending fans and the public for being “respectful” to the actor’s privacy.

Not The First Time

This was not the first time that an actor’s privacy was hacked, leaked, and violated. Actress Lucy Hale’s and Maisie Williams’ nude photos were also leaked to the public. According to Teen Vogue, though the pictures aren’t explicit in nature, the act of leaking private photos are wrong. This was because the photos seem to be sent to close friends and were stolen and posted up without their consent.

In any case, it was refreshing to see that fans are standing up to the wrong done to the celebrities. Although the celebrities themselves were “embarrassed” and “mortified” by the hacks, the support from fans is a great help. Unfortunately, trying to stop the flood of memes might turn out to be another obstacle.

Celebrities are the target of the public. As much as the public loves to love them, at the same time, there are many who want to reveal everything about them. Unfortunately, for these famous stars, their privacy is something that many will try to peer into.

Over the years there have been a number scandals that have revealed nude shots taken by celebrities themselves. The leaks happen and the Internet spreads it around. While people have the freedom to look at the images, it is never okay to violate someone’s privacy.

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