Aliens Visisted Pyramids Of Giza In Egypt To Build Coffin-Like Boxes, UFO Researchers Says

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Aliens Visisted Pyramids Of Giza In Egypt To Build Coffin-Like Boxes, UFO Researchers Says Giza Pyramid Pyramids Of Giza Egypt Monuments Pixabay

Coffin-like boxes have been discovered in Giza pyramid in Egypt. Theorist believes that aliens visited the place to place the boxes there.

Aliens: Giza Pyramid Situation

Twenty-five coffin-like boxes were discovered. Furthermore, the boxes were made of granite.

They were were found just 12 miles south from the Great Pyramid of Giza. In fact, the boxes were discovered in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara near Memphis in Lower Egypt.

According to Express UK, UFO hunters are of the opinion that the intensely accurate engineering of each of the black stone boxes is fascinating. Even when it is compared to 21st century standards, the work is extremely precise.

Brien Foerster, UFO and alien theorist, said that the accuracy is very 21st century, or at least 20th century. He stated that the construction of the surfaces of stone boxes are vividly precise.

Moreover, the boxes are 100-tonnes in weight with 30-tonne lids. The angles of the boxes are “within a few ten thousandths of an inch,” Foerster said.

As of now, it is totally unknown how the ancient Egyptians had the technology to make the perfectly cut stone boxes. Well-known UFO researchers had been suggesting that the boxes were designed and made by extraterrestrials that visited the country.

However, the ancient Egyptian engineers were absolutely capable of such amazing engineering. Some said that it must not be surprising.

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Egyptologists stated that the boxes were made with the intention to hold the mummified remains of the sacred bulls. However, none of the boxes had mummified remains of the holy Apis bulls.
In contrast, UFO hunters urged that the boxes must have been made to keep the mummified remains of giant humanoid aliens. They also stated that they were never put in the boxes, as they must have left Earth before they died.

While the coffin-like boxes were discovered, a bizarre UFO-shaped rock was also found. This ignited fears of an ancient alien civilizationDaily Star reported that a UFO was seen in the skies. It was exactly seen at Devon and a “human-like creature” was seen on Mars.

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