Aliens and Government Secrets: Bill Nye Answers That One Burning Question

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Aliens and Government Secrets: Bill Nye Answers That One Burning Question Bill Nye Ed Schipul / Flickr with CC BY-SA 2.0

Recently, Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society, talked about aliens and government secrets. He also suggested the possibility of actual exploration of alien life.

Aliens And Government Secrets: Bill Nye’s Thoughts

Bill Nye was asked regarding the existence of alien life and if the government is trying to hide it. Nye completely denied such idea. He said that he never believes aliens did visit people on Earth. According to him, it is impossible that the government is keeping the truth from us.

As per a YouTube video, Nye said that the alien phenomenon that came up in 1947 was absolutely a myth. He explained that back then, a U.S. project called Skyhook was implemented. This included big and super high altitude balloons. A constellation of such balloons floated over the East Coast of the former Soviet Union.

The balloons functioned as microphones to listen for nuclear weapons tests. These were being tested in New Mexico, where the wind was complicated. One of the balloons got blown away by the wind and crashed. Since the project was a secret one, the government of U.S. showed up.

The U.S. Army cleaned up all debris from the crash. This particular incident led people to believe in the extraterrestrial. Moreover, it was this incident which made people consider that the government was hiding secrets.

Furthermore, Nye added that the government is not at all good in keeping secrets, especially secrets relating to aliens. He said that there could be ten thousand people working for such a thing, thus making it hard for the government to keep it under wraps.

Aliens And Government Secrets: Bill Nye On Actual Discoveries

Nye stated that alien life could actually be discovered on planet Mars or Jupiter’s moon, Europa. This could be happen in our lifetime.

He pointed out the possibility that alien life existed on Mars, presently fossilized. Moreover, Nye stated that if fossils could have DNA and it matches ours, it could mean that we are descendants of Martians.

He asked enthusiasts to follow actual scientific research, not rely upon speculations. Nye said that in 2018, the James Webb space telescope will be launched, which would be used to observe atmospheres of different planets.

According to Independent UK, Bill Nye Saves The World, a Netflix series, would soon come up. “Since the start of the Science Guy show, I’ve been on a mission to change the world by getting people everywhere excited about the fundamental ideas in science,” Nye said.

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