Alien News: UFO Being Carried by Police Convoy to Area 51, Witness Claims

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Alien News: UFO Being Carried by Police Convoy to Area 51, Witness Claims PHOTOGRAPH: Simon Johansson | Under Public Domain

A police convoy was seen escorting a truck reportedly carrying a UFO. A shocked witness encountered the entire event. Based on the report, the truck with the mysterious object looked headed to Area 51.

Area 51: UFO Convoy

The witness reported the said incident to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in the United States. According to the witness, a “flying saucer” convoy was being directed through a road in the Fort Leonard Wood area of Missouri on February 1. The area is almost 240 miles away from the Wright Patterson USAF base. In fact, the Wright Patterson USAF base is considered to be the place where wrecked UFOs and alien bodies were secretly stashed by the military.

The witness stated that he was was driving 15 miles north of Fort Leonard Wood on I-44 north. He then spotted a moving convoy of police cars and there was no traffic. “I noticed more police cars with lights keeping traffic held back in the distance about another mile,” the witness said.

Furthermore, he stated that he saw a truck approaching, Express UK said. And shockingly, the witness said, the truck has something on it that looks like a flying saucer. “I passed within a hundred or so feet of the semi going in the opposite direction,” the witness said.

The truck was moving at a moderate speed, which was the main reason why he managed to get a clear view of the alleged UFO. “It was dull metallic grey, with thick short legs coming from the center bottom like fence posts, and a thick central body tapering to very thin edges,” the witness said. He also claimed that the saucer covered the entire space of the truck.

Area 51: Another Cover-up

Express UK also reported that in January, cops were seen driving to an area where an alleged UFO sighting happened. A couple said that they saw a supersonic jet tailing the UFO in Santa Rosa, California. The couple stated that the craft was flying directly above their car. “It has red and green blinking lights down the belly of the craft and was long, rectangular and wingless,” the couple said.

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