Alien Movie Franchise: Here Are the Four Main Alien Series To Keep You Hooked Before Watching Alien: Covenant

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20th Fox recently revealed a new poster for the Alien: Covenant film. As more trailers and promo art surface, fans are hyped up for the upcoming Alien movie. The legendary franchise started back in 1979. The mastermind behind the series, Ridley Scott who also directed Alien: Covenant. The 2017 film is a sequel to Prometheus in 2012.

Alien: Covenant and Prometheus serve as the prequel to the main series

The Covenant is the second installment in the Alien prequel series and the sixth installment overall in the franchise. The Alien franchise has two parts, the main series, and the prequel series. As of the moment, the prequel series have two movies, Prometheus and Covenant, with the third film on its way. In order to fully immerse oneself on the films, here are the four films of the main series.

Alien (1979)

U.S. commercial starship Nostromo’s space back to Earth was diverted to a desolate planetoid. The diversion of the trip came after the spaceship received a cryptic signal from a derelict alien spaceship. Nostromo’s crewmen explored the ship and discovered the remains of the ship’s pilot. The crew also found a large chamber that contains a swarm of egg-like objects. One of the egg-like objects released creature and attached itself on one of the crew member’s face. The other crew members brought him on board the Nostromo. The parasite seemingly died with the rest of the crew relieved from the sight. Afterward, a small alien organism bursts out of the chest. It rapidly grew into an eight-foot monster, dubbed as the Xenomorph and started killing the crew.

Aliens (1986)

The sole survivor of the Nostromo was Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). After 57 years of hypersleep, Ellen woke up aboard a medical space station, orbiting the Earth. She told the story of the Nostromo’s doomed expedition but no one believed her. She learned that the planetoid from the first film became LV-426, a home to a terraforming colony. The military lost contact with the colony. Ripley wanted to regain her pilot’s license. In order to do so, she hesitantly accompanied the squad of Elite Colonial Marines on board the spaceship Sulaco to investigate on the planetoid. The crew discovered that the colonist was wiped out after finding the alien ship with its deadly cargo in the first film.

Alien 3 (1992)

The crew Sulaco got into a problem due to the fire on the ship. The crew escaped via the escape pod. The pod crashed on a prison planet called Fiorina ‘Fury’ 161. Unfortunately, Ellen was the only survivor of the crash. Unknowingly, some of alien ‘facehuggers’ were also aboard the pod. A full-size alien became loose in the prison. The Xenomorph killed the inmates and staff of the prison. Ellen learned the horrifying truth that is carrying the Alien queen inside her. She realized that her goal is to kill the rampaging Xenomorph and kill herself to save humanity.

Alien: Resurrection (1997)

200 years have passed since the events of the last film took place. Ellen Ripley and the alien queen were cloned. The United Systems Military removed the alien from her body by means of surgery. The military hoped to breed aliens to study on the spacecraft USM Auriga. In order to accomplish the test, they must sacrifice human hosts. They used humans which a group of mercenaries kidnapped for them. The aliens escaped their enclosures, causing a rampage. Ripley 8, the clone that contains some alien DNA, as well as the mercenaries attempt to escape and destroy the Auriga before it reaches the Earth.

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