Alien-looking Prehistoric Creatures Wash off Australian Coast After Heavy Rains

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Alien-looking Prehistoric Creatures Wash off Australian Coast After Heavy Rains PHOTOGRAPH: N_Steffens/Pixabay | Octopus Shrimp Monster Alien Creepy Dino

Heavy rains over Central Australia reportedly revealed the existence of alien-like shrimps. These creatures have been reproducing in the middle of the desert in complete obscurity. They are not edible; in fact, they are more of Sea-Monkey types.

Alien: Prehistoric Creatures In Australia

Expert Michael Barritt said that these creatures are not actually shrimps. “So forget about prawns and that sort of look,” Barritt told ABC Radio Darwin. “They look a bit shrimp-ish but have this big shield across the tip of their bodies.”

The creatures are members of the crustacean family. They grow up to seven centimeters at maturity. However, they look like extraterrestrial tadpoles with double-pronged tails, according to ABC News. These creatures remind one of the prehistoric times.

It should be noted that there is only one type of shield shrimp in mainland Australia, the Austriops australiensis. These are usually seen across the middle section of the country, in drainpipes or ditches the whole year round. However, shield shrimps are majorly seen, temporarily, in bodies of water drying up in certain periods. Barritt informed that the creatures could turn up in absolute millions.

The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife reported that the shrimps are well-habituated in desert conditions. Most interestingly, the eggs would stay dormant for years until significant rain. The rain itself gives rise to a population explosion. Barritt said that although they have shields, they become easy prey to fish and water birds. This is the reason why, Barritt said, the shrimps normally stay in waterholes, which are shallow and drying out.

Alien: See The Creature

People in Central Australia have a chance to see shield shrimps at Redbank Waterhole in Owen Springs Reserve. The creatures can also be seen in Palm Valley in Finke Gorge National Park. Napwerte/Ewaninga Rock Carvings Conservation Reserve also serves as another place to see these shrimps.

It is still unknown how these shield shrimps showed up 360 meters above the Gibson Desert. There might be a possibility that the eggs were able to survive being carried across long distances. The answers are still being sought after.

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