Alien Covenant Still Photo Shows Carmen Fiogo’s Mysterious Character, Novel Sequel Confirmed

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The ‘Alien: Covenant’ will hit the big screens in May. The most surprising new information about the franchise is about the novelization of the sequel. The film executives confirmed that there will be a sequel for the ‘Covenant’. The sequel’s release will be on September.

‘Alien: Covenant 2’ will not be available on the big screen

Fans still have four months to wait for the ‘Alien: Covenant’ to appear on the big screens yet the sequel will be out in the same year. However, the ‘Alien Covenant 2’ is not a movie but rather a sequel to the upcoming film in May.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Alan Dean Foster penned the novel, which will be published by Titan Books. Basically, the ‘Alien: Covenant’ is the sequel to ‘Prometheus’ but serves as a prequel to the 1979 ‘Alien’ film. The story is so massive that the book is needed to fill in the missing pieces of the film.

Leaked photos from the set showed utterly terrifying scenes

Aside from the confirmed novel sequel, the film is generating buzz as some photos found its way to the public. The Comicbookmovie reported that the photos seemed to show how the characters seemed to be observing unknown creatures. The photos revealed pure terror for the fans.

Some of the leaked photos showed director Ridley Scott talking to actor Jussie Smollett. Other photos also showed Amy Seimetz and Carmen Ejogo, who will play characters that are part of the Covenant crew members.

The characters for the ‘Alien: Covenant’ remain a mystery. Ejogo will portray one of the most mysterious and interesting characters in the movie.

There is no information about Ejogo’s character, but her representation in the movie trailer was memorable. In the trailer, Ejogo’s character begged Seimetz’ character to unlock the medical bay door and let her out.

Ejogo was in the room with a guy screaming in agony. A neomorph wrecked the guy’s body as Ejogo’s character watched in horror. The film will reveal Ejogo’s fate once it is out.

The story of the ‘Alien: Covenant’ will be a terrifying tale. The story will begin with the Covenant ship going to a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy.

The Covenant crew thought they found a paradise, not knowing the dangerous species living in the area. David (Michael Fassbender), will assist the crew members on board the Covenant. David is a synthetic android who was the sole survivor of the Prometheus expedition.

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