Alien: Covenant Sequel In The Works

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Alien: Covenant Sequel In The Works PHOTOGRAPH: Alien Covenant Facebook Page |

Ridley Scott is gearing up for the upcoming release of Alien: Covenant in May. The film is considered as both a sequel to Prometheus and prequel for Alien. The sci-fi horror film has not hit the cinemas, yet Scott confirmed that he is ready to begin the sequel. The director stated that fans will not want a two-year gap, reiterating that he is ready to release it by 2018.

Ridley Scott confirmed the Alien: Covenant sequel

Fans are excited as they await the return of the franchise along with the rich storytelling and stunning effects which made the original Alien so popular. By the time Alien: Covenant opens in theaters, five years have already passed since the release of Prometheus. It is certainly a huge gap for a high-profile sequel. The Alien franchise is one of the all-time beloved movies coming from one of the most respected directors in the industry.

Sydney Morning Herald wrote an in-depth report on Alien: Covenant. The focus was on Scott’s plan for the Prometheus sequel or Alien prequel. Without revealing too much information, the director revealed the fact that he already started writing Alien: Covenant 2. Assuming that the upcoming film is a success, he is ready to shoot the installment by next year.

Prometheus is a ‘back entrance’ to a larger story

While Scott was working on Alien: Covenant, he immediately wrote a sequel. He wanted to be prepared and advanced with the saga. Scott stated, “You’ve got to assume to a certain extent success and from that, you’d better be ready.” Scott explained that he already planned three sequels for Prometheus. The Prometheus’ sequels will serve as the ‘back entrance’ for the first Alien movie.

Despite its success, some people have some problems with Prometheus. Part of the issue included the fact that some people did not see the essence of the Alien film on Prometheus. In Prometheus, there were spaceships and elements that will connect it to the Alien movie. However, fans cannot feel the Xenomorphs, the epitome of the Alien franchise within Prometheus.

Fox made it clear that fans will get what they want to see in Alien: Covenant. Scott backed up Fox’s statement but clarified that Prometheus was a setup for a larger story. The plan was to have a trilogy. Prometheus will be the first of the prequel trilogy, leading up to the 1979 classic. If this pushes through, it would mean that fans would see the third entry in the Alien franchise by 2019 or 2020.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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