Alien: Covenant Prologue Has Gay Couple and James Franco in It

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The prologue for the Alien: Covenant has just been released. The prologue included a gay couple and the confirmed participation of James Franco. The film is an installment of the Alien franchise. The film focused on the crew of a colony ship who thought they discovered a paradise. Unfortunately, even before they colonize the place, it already has some terrifying inhabitants living in it.

Alien: Covenant Prologue reveals diverse couples on board the ship

The full prologue arrived as the Alien: Covenant TV spot on FX’s Legion. The scene introduced the viewers to the crew of the Covenant. The team is venturing deep into space as they try to establish human bases on other planets. However, the prologue is not actually a scene from the movie. Actually, it is a short film with the title Prologue: Last Supper. Alien:Covenant’s director Ridley Scott had his son, Luke Scott, to direct the short film. Fans believed that it does not feature any footage from the actual film. Still, the short clip gave the fans a glimpse to the lives of people who were having a good time, portraying the human nature within the characters.

The prologue introduced the fans to the franchise’s first gay couple. Nathaniel Dean and Demian Bichir played the two gay characters for the film. The two arm-wrestled and shared a kiss. The characters do not inculcate the usual gay stereotypes and showed a new perspective in their sexuality.

Alien: Covenant Prologue: The ‘calm before the storm’

The clip also revealed the dynamics within the team. Basically, Franco’s character is a dependable captain while Katherine Waterston’s Daniels is the one closest to him. Danny McBride’s character served as the funny guy, Billy Crudup’s character serves as the agitator while Fassbender’s Walter is seemingly less threatening than the Prometheus’ David.

Fans reacted to the short clip and praised the work of Luke Scott. It had the sense of the ‘calm before the storm’ where everything seems to be going fine until all hell breaks loose. It also established the human and android relationships which has been present in the franchise. However, despite the light-hearted mood of the scene, there is a stench of death lurking somewhere, waiting to tear down the crew’s hopes and dreams.

Alien: Covenant plot

The Covenant goes on a mission to a remote planet at the far side of the galaxy. The ship carries the crew as well as Walter. Walter is an advanced version of the android David, a survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. The crew will find the planet which they believe is an uncharted paradise. Unfortunately, the facade crumbles down as monstrous creatures start to hunt them as they attempt to make a futile escape.

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