Alien Abduction, Multiple UFO Sightings Reported In Lancashire

UFO Sightings
Alien Abduction, Multiple UFO Sightings Reported In Lancashire PHOTOGRAPH: Steve Jurvetson | Under CC BY 2.0

Police got eight reports related to UFO sightings and aliens in Lancashire, England in the past few years. There was one report of  a man being abducted by aliens in the region as well. A Freedom of Information Request was made for these reports to be publicly available.

UFO Sightings: Extraterrestrial Activities In Lancashire

In 2015, police officers investigated report about a sighting involving a space craft at Pendle Hill in Lancashire. A second space craft was repeatedly seen in Lytham St. Annes. On March 2016, a call was made to police after a suspected alien abduction took place in Accrington, another place in Lancashire. According to a police spokesperson, who spoke with Lancashire Telegraph, they responded to these calls the way they do to any emergency calls. “The operator provides the appropriate response to this, which may include deploying an officer,” the spokesperson said. He explained further that they send officers if there was a concern for the caller’s well-being. The police spokesperson clarified however that after thorough investigation, the reported UFO sightings would always turned out to be just suspicious light or suspicious movement “that could mean any number of things.” The police had in fact ruled out the reported alien abduction in Accrington as a hoax call.

UFO Sightings: Other Sightings

Andy Sierolawski, a staff from Todmorden Observatory, told Express UK that people always ask if they had ever seen anything around the Lancashire area. He had one answer to all these questions: “Saturn and Venus as well as aircraft can very easily be mistaken for something else.” Meanwhile, The Lancashire Telegraph and Express UK listed all other sightings reported in the region.

  • The beam of light coming from a UFO in Burnley and the other sighting from Buckshaw Village did not get any police response as well as other 250 separate reports of sightings of an unidentified flying object.
  • In Fleetwood, in 2015, two UFOs were sighted.
  • A red craft and another white craft were also seen in Bottle in 2016.
  • In 1994, a Colne resident  saw a copper gold triangle which was floating at right angles.
  • Another strange static bright red light flash was reported to police in 1996. The light was floating over a garden in the town.
  • On November 22, 1995, one of the most infamous mass sightings from the county took place. The incident took place in Hebden Bridge.

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