Actual Samsung Galaxy S8 Photos Surface

Actual Samsung Galaxy S8 Photos Surface PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Karlis Dambrans |

Purported actual photos of Samsung Galaxy S8 surfaced online. The leaked photos were reportedly found from another Samsung unit. If the photos were genuine, then the next generation phone from Samsung truly have exciting new features.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Photos Leaked From A Tablet

According to Android Police, which first reported about the leak, the images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was leaked from an alleged system dump from the unannounced Galaxy Tab S3. Now it is a bit odd to find why the images of the upcoming model exist on the tab. Some are speculating that it may be because the devices are able to work/sync together. At this point, one can only speculate.

The images show some of the rumored features of the anticipated model. One of the most anticipated features are the smaller bezels on the phone and the ditching of the home button. The Galaxy S8 switches to onscreen navigation keys and has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner if the leaked photos are something to draw conclusions from.

The position of the scanner is situated on the side of the camera, which is way up on the phone. Although some are already flagging this as the least optimal location for a finger print scanner, its too early to make a judgment. In retrospect, there are other Android phones that have their scanners in roughly the same area.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Has Sleek New Design

The chassis design is also something people are looking forward to. The good news is that Samsung went very sleek with the design. Now that the home button is gone, the OLED screen looks like it takes up front of the smartphone. It also uses the flexible OLED to make the “edge” that Samsung is known for. The images from the Tab S3 also show silver variant, and the images from China show a black variant. There are a lot of sensors on the top bezel of the phone. While it does look a bit unsightly, there is a purpose for that. One of the features to be added on the phone is an iris scanner as well.

Fans can see the images of the Galaxy S8 on Universelce on Twitter. The images come from Chinese protective film manufacturers. Of course, it only makes sense the manufacturers have the new phone on hand to actually make a working screen protector. There is not a release date set yet for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Seeing as there are protective films being made, it could only mean that the Korean smartphone giant is just waiting for the right time to release it. An official announcement may come in the following months.

Read the full report from the Android Police.


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