Abby Lee Miller Fraud Case: ‘Dance Moms’ Star Does not Want to go Behind Bars, Willing to pay a Price

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Abby Lee Miller Fraud Case: ‘Dance Moms’ Star Does not Want to go Behind Bars, Willing to pay a Price PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/401(K) 2012 |

The Abby Lee Miller fraud case has been going on for months and now the reality star may finally face her punishment. Miller is set to appear in court again on Friday. The Dance Moms star is facing jail time, but she wants to do anything to avoid going behind bars.

Reality stars are stereotyped as drama queens and kings. However, they are usually being involved in scandals. While not everyone is like this, some individuals still manage to surprise the public with news out of the blue.

Miller was known for her stint as a dance teacher in Dance Moms. In fact, the show was so successful it went on having more seasons. However, there were already some rumors about the show as the seasons progressed.

Abby Lee Miller Fraud Case: Sentencing at Court

The latest is that she will be having a sentence hearing on Friday in the U.S. District Court in Downtown Pittsburgh. According to Triblive, she is currently pleading for probation and trying to avoid prison time. There are reports that the Judge, Joy Conti, might give her 24 to 30 months in prison.

She pleaded guilty in June 2016 for concealing assets during her 2010 Chapter 11 bankruptcy hearing. Apart from that, she also failed to report bringing in more than $10,000 into the country from Australia back in 2014. Apparently Miller had ignored numerous orders from her bankruptcy judge to report her income. ‘

Abby Lee Miller Wants to Avoid Jail Time

Now she is doing her best to stay out of prison, even blaming her legal issues on her fame. Miller insists that she hid the money because she became famous too fast. However, Miller’s lawyers want her to learn from her mistake and pay a fine instead. In fact, fans are not surprised she will be paying a big price for the legal issues she got herself into.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, reality television star Teresa Giudice had the same problem. She was found guilty for several cases of bankruptcy fraud and even served one year behind bars. This is a future that many believe Miller might have to face.

So far the Dance Moms reality star has not given a public comment regarding the case. There are hopes that she just has to pay a fine for what she has done. However, others are convinced that she may have to spend time in jail.

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