A24 Studio Releases Scary Untitled Sci-Fi Movie Trailer

A24 Studio Releases Scary Untitled Sci-Fi Movie Trailer A24 / Facebook

A24 is back with another sci-fi movie. This time, it looks like fans are unsure what the film is all about. Moreover, the movie bizarrely remains “untitled.”

News agencies are left searching for words, as the movie wasn’t slated in A24’s list of titles for 2017. It’s likely that the studio wants it to be a surprise to the world.

The one-minute footage succeeds at intriguing viewers with its chilling and mysterious footage. Moreover, it throws in phrases such as “realize feeling,” “witness change” and “Live beyond.”

The scene from the beginning reveals an infant, then teenager and a couple. Moreover, a technology suggested to be the creation of human beings far into the future is also mentioned.

A24 Untitled Sci-Fi Trailer Remains Mysterious

Currently, neither fans nor the media have any information to go forward with their speculation. However, it’s possible that the “untitled” sci-fi movie would leave us awestruck once A24 studios decides to tell us what it’s all about.

Fortunately, The Playlist was able to notice a teasing detail removed by A24 studios. Initially, when the footage landed on Youtube, it was titled “TOR TSR WITNESS.”

Currently, there’s no detail suggesting it could be a movie. It’s possible to be a TV series as well. Early rumors on the internet suggest that Shane Carruth could be the director for the film, but speculations have been baseless.

A24 gained fame as the studio behind “Ex Machina,” “The Witch,” “Room” and several other thrilling, mysterious Hollywood movies.

Cast And Director Remain Unknown

Earlier in 2013, A24 studios left fans with shivers in “Under The Skin,” starring Scarlett Johansson. The movie was acclaimed by critics, although it wasn’t able to appeal to the masses. The studio hasn’t revealed the release date for the “untitled” movie. Moreover, the cast members in the “untitled” teaser haven’t been identified as well.

Fans will be updated with follow-ups as we know more. For now, readers can check out the “untitled” video below and share thoughts and speculation in the comments section.

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