This Three-Screen Laptop is Real and It’s Mind-Boggling

This Three-Screen Laptop is Real and It’s Mind-Boggling Razer Project Valerie

The future is here. And to reiterate that, Razer has kicked off 2017 with a laptop that invites users to enjoy next generation technology with open arms, literally.

We are of course talking about a Project Valerie from Razer, which is the first ever “automated triple-display laptop.” This 3-screen laptop can be folded down to a size of a sleek briefcase when not in use. And yet, it has been deemed “semi portable.”

This is because despite its small size, its heavy weight can be quite a hindrance while carrying the laptop. It weighs about 10 to 12 pounds and is 1.5 inches thick.

Project Valerie: A Laptop With Robotic Arms

Razer introduced Project Valerie in this year’s CES, which blew everyone’s minds. It has been compiled as a built-in all in one super machine, which is perfect replacement for a desktop that tends to eat up too much work space.

According to PC World when it comes to evaluating its features, it is basically a redesigned Blade Pro. It is endowed with the same unique Razer-exclusive mechanical switches, Chroma lighting and GTX 1080.

The fascinating point of upgrade ready to amaze even the most dedicated tech lover is its “robot arms.” These ultra-cool automatic arms assist the setting up of the triple laptop screens when deployed.

They slide out from behind the main or middle screen and fold out the two screens from behind, aligning them to perfection. What’s more the user does not eve need to adjust them manually. The same goes for when the laptop is shut down and ready to be stored away.

Project Valerie: Specs, Price

All the displays match each other with a 17.3-inch 4K IGZO display with G-Sync. However, before you start dreaming of owning one of these futuristic marvels, be prepared to depart with a sum of money equal to a second-hand car.

That’s right, a Blade Pro, which is the most advanced tech Razer has released yet costs something within the range of $3700 – $4,500. So naturally, Project Valerie, with its own set of robotic arms is bound to cost at least $5,000. However, one should not be surprised if it even ended up costing up to $6000.

Not much else is known about the product. According to Tech Crunch, Project Valerie is going to hit the markets later this year. But some of its important specs, such as battery life, might be disclosed before then.

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