Exchange Unwanted Christmas Gifts For A Whopper At Burger King

Exchange Unwanted Christmas Gifts For A Whopper At Burger King PHOTOGRAPH: Anthony92931/Wikimedia Commons | Burger King, Saugus

An exchange of unwanted Christmas gifts would take place at a Miami Burger King. The burger joint would be serving a Whopper sandwich in exchange.

Christmas: The Exchange

Local residents in Miami are eligible for the offer of exchanging unwanted gifts for a Whopper sandwich in return. The official Twitter handle of Burger King had also posted a video explaining the entire offer.

According to the Twitter video, a set of “lousy” Christmas gifts could be exchanged for Whoppers. In addition, the event would take place at the Miami Beach Burger King on December 26.

NBC Miami also reported that similar gift exchanges would also take place in London and Brazil. However, the Miami Beach outlet is the only one in South Florida.

It is located off West 41st Street right before Meridian Avenue. The joint will permit one to exchange your gift for a free Whopper sandwich from 10:30 AM to 5 PM on December 26th.

The entire idea behind the exchange is quite humanitarian. While someone has received a holiday present, one doesn’t want to wear or use, it could be exchanged for the less fortunate. The gifts which Burger King will receive would then go to a charity.

“At Burger King restaurants, we are always looking for ways to surprise our fans, no matter if they were good or naughty,” said Fernando Machado, Burger King’s senior vice president of global brand management.

“The Whopper Exchange will offer our guests the chance to get a flame-grilled gift in exchange for an unwanted one, because this holiday season, we want everyone to receive something they will love.”

Christmas: Kinds Of Gifts To be Considered

A spokesperson, from Burger King, said that the gifts must be unused. The spokesperson also said that the the exchange offer will only be applicable on a certain number of gifts.

The kind of gifts that will be accepted would be determined by Burger King Restaurant personnel. Sole discretion would be upon the restaurant personnel, said Miami New Times.