Scientists identified a new continent in the Pacific Ocean. The scientists called this eighth…

Space News

Extraterrestrial Life Hiding On Europa, NASA Believes

NASA would be sending a robotic craft to Jupiter’s…


Squids Can Communicate By Using Sign Language

Squids are pretty fascinating creatures – what with…

Snow Moon Eclipse 2017
Sky Events

Snow Moon Eclipse 2017: Time, Date and Perfect Spot to See It

The Snow Moon Eclipse 2017 will be a…


China Builds Alive, Breathing Skyscrapers

China is investing in a project called “Nanjing…


Cure for Cancer Developed: New Drug Heals UK Patient Completely

A patient, who had the terminal disease spread…

Jupiter Retrograde
Space News

Jupiter Retrograde 2017 Affects Your Love Life: Astrological Facts And Things To Know

Jupiter Retrograde is something astrologist believe will have…


Whistleblower Claims NOAA Manipulated Climate Change Data: Here’s What We Know

A high level whistleblower accused America’s National Oceanic…

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